Flame Run is proud to introduce the work of Nikolaj Christensen.

“With glassblowing, mastery is only achieved through hard work. It comes along with figuring out how to maintain focus despite sweltering heat, or burns, cuts, and innumerable other painful distractions that go hand-in-hand with life in a hotshop. It comes through learning to keep on going even if a minor slipup means hours of effort crash to the ground at the penultimate moment. Truly, the successes of our art form are measurable in blood, sweat and tears, in the most literal sense of the words.”-Nikolaj Christensen

Gallery director, Tiffany Ackerman, says, “Nikolaj’s clean forms, traditional shapes and easy going design will make for a spectacular exhibit.  We are thrilled to celebrate him with a showing of his latest works.”

There will be an opening reception and demonstration on Friday, September 7 from 5 to 8 pm.


About the artist:
I was born in Denmark in 1980 and grew up in Louisville. While studying architecture at Washington University in St. Louis I took a glassblowing elective my senior year and discovered a love for the material. After graduating, I helped found a teaching studio called Third Degree Glass Factory and honed my skills there for 5 years before traveling to Scandinavia on a research grant from the American Scandinavian Foundation. Upon my return I moved to Philadelphia to manage the East Falls glassworks, which is the city’s public-access studio.